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Python Projects


Video to text generator

video to text generator is a powerful tool that converts spoken words from a video into text format, enabling easier transcription, analysis, and searchability of video content. This Python project aims to develop a video to text generator that utilizes automatic speech recognition (ASR) techniques to convert spoken words in a video into a textual transcript.


Student Management System

In this tutorial of the Python project, we will build a GUI-based Student Management System Project using theTkinter, SQLite3, tkcalendar, messagebox, and datetime and Ttk modules of the Tkinter library. It is an intermediate-level project, where you will learn how to use databases, and modules and make some great GUIs in Python and apply them in real life.


File Explorer in Python

Here we are going to build a GUI-based project File Explorer in Python using Tkinter, shutil, filedialog, and OS modules and going to understand all the necessary steps one by one to manage the files and folders in the file explorer or file manager.


Chatbot in Python

Building a chatbot in Python is an exciting project that involves natural language processing (NLP) techniques and the use of machine learning algorithms. In this project, I’ll outline the general steps involved in creating a simple chatbot using Python.


Real-Time Face Recognition: An End-To-End Project

In recent years, real-time face recognition has gained significant attention due to its wide range of applications in security, surveillance, access control, and human-computer interaction. This end-to-end project aims to develop a robust and efficient real-time face recognition system that can accurately identify individuals in live video streams.

Java Projects


Quiz Application

This is a cool and interesting Java project topic and idea, a quiz app that allows users to test their knowledge and compete with others by answering a series of questions. A popular feature of the quiz app is the ability to play against other users online. This allows users to compete against players from around the world and see how they stack up against the competition. 


Expense Tracker

 These systems often include features like the ability to add and categorize expenses, generate reports, and set budget goals. Have you tried using an expense tracking app but didn’t feel like it had all of the features you wanted?. This Java project is built with technologies like spring boot and spring framework in Java and you can choose an IDE like eclipse to build this application.


Resume Builder

A Java based application developed to help you build a professional, fully formatted CV and Resume in various design formats.


Supply Chain Management

It is the project of online network marketing where we delivers goods around the world. In the world of supply chain management the main task of admin is to manage all things that are happening inside those chains.



In recent years, real-time face recognition has gained significant attention due to its wide range of applications in security, surveillance, access control, and human-computer interaction. This end-to-end project aims to develop a robust and efficient real-time face recognition system that can accurately identify individuals in live video streams.

Machine Learning


Music Recommendation System in Machine Learning

A recommendation system is a kind of filtering system which predicts the preferences a user might give based on his/her activity. Machine learning plays a super vital role in building these systems. This technique is widely popular and practiced in every streaming platform like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal, etc. You don’t have to play songs manually, instead, a music recommendation system will do that job for you.


Loan Prediction ML Project

n this project, we need to find out whether the loan will be approved or not. It is based on the user’s marital status, education, number of dependents, and employment. Several collections of data from past loan applicants use different features to decide the loan status. A machine learning model can look at the data, and give a probability estimate of whether this loan will be approved.


Fake News Detection Project in ML

Fake news spreads like a wildfire and this is a big issue in this era. Such news items may contain false or exaggerated claims and may be virialized by algorithms, and users may end up in a filter bubble. We can build a project to distinguish fake news from the real one.


Credit Card Fraud Detection

In this machine learning project, we solve the problem of detecting credit card fraud transactions using machine numpy, scikit learn, and a few other python libraries. We overcome the problem by creating a binary classifier and experimenting with various machine learning techniques to see which fits better.


Image Recognition

In this project, the images from the dataset are fed into a neural network algorithm. The training of an image recognition algorithm makes it possible for convolutional neural network image recognition to identify specific classes.

Php Projects


Online E-commerce Store

Build a fully functional online store where users can browse products, add items to their cart, complete the checkout process, and make payments. Implement features like inventory management, order tracking, user reviews, and secure payment gateways.


Portal for Doctors

PHP has many diverse abilities, and you can utilize them when working on this project. You can create a portal where various patients and doctors can interact. Patients can make use of this portal to schedule appointments on the portal according to the availability of the doctors. This is a very impressive yet exceptional PHP project that you can work on. 


Product Rating System as per the Consumer Reviews

These systems highlight the average ratings of the reviews provided by the users. This is a suitable solution where the user experience is improved, at the same time, the company can look for new ways to serve the customers better. The rating system you are creating will require an algorithm to keep a track and handle the customer reviews.


Image Processing and Generation

You can build an engaging web application by changing images with the help of PHP along with the GD Graphics Library, Exif, Gmagick and ImageMagick. The web page should be capable of processing various image sizes, ranging from thumbnails to full-size.


Online Voting System

Though this project is last on this list, it is very popular as everybody hates polling booths and long queues but, most importantly, we despise corruption in any voting system. This project is created with the help of Bootstrap, PHP, Javascript, and CSS.

django Projects


Chat application

You can create a simple chat application using Django. The chat application can be a small person-to-person message application, which uses REST API and WebSockets for notifications and avoiding polling. The app can display the last 10-15 messages which the user switches between the chats


Music player application

You can create a music player application that can play music from your device libraries or online sources using Django. The application can include features of a standard music application like play next, repeat, pause, stop, etc. You will need to use external APIs for this project in case you include music from online sources.


Weather Prediction Application

Create a Django project which can predict weather details like cloud cover, rain, snow, wind speed, and temperature dynamically. The application can include features to view weather insights for a particular location and also the live location. Since you may not have a proper dataset for weather predictions, you can make use of APIs available on the internet for the same.


Resume Builder

 The idea behind such Django projects is to help the user enter their content such as name, skills, work experience, certifications, websites, etc in a form. Later the data is converted into a professional resume design. The user can choose from one or more templates according to their preference.


Location-Based Web App

You can keep it real-time or non-real-time according to your preference. You can start by creating location-based Django projects based on your nearby shops. This application would list the nearby shops closer to the user’s location. While we build the basic web application from scratch using Django.

Artificial Intelligence Projects


Product Recommendation Systems

They’re algorithms that help people find items that are relevant to them. In some businesses, recommender systems are crucial since they can produce a large amount of revenue or serve as a method to differentiate yourself from competitors. It determines the compatibility of the user and the object, as well as the similarities between users and items, in order to make recommendations.


Next Word Prediction

With the next word prediction project, you can improve your experience of typing on small devices only by predicting the next word in a sentence fragment. You won’t have to type complete sentences because the algorithms will predict the next word for you, and typos will be much reduced.


Mask Detection

We all know that wearing masks is one of the most effective ways to prevent the virus from spreading. Despite this, we notice a lot of people not wearing masks in public locations. Using AI approaches to construct a system that can recognize persons who aren’t wearing masks could be a solution to this problem.


CV Analysis

The goal of this project is to develop cutting-edge software that can give a legally sound and equitable CV ranking system. Candidates will be ranked for a specific job profile based on their abilities and expertise. It will also take into account all other important factors, such as soft skills, interests, professional qualifications, and so on. 


Image Colorization

To alleviate human suffering, artificial intelligence provides the ideal solution, since it can be used to create a smart image colorization system. The technique of adding colors to a grayscale image in order to make it more visually pleasing and perceptually significant is known as image colorization.

C++ Projects


Bookshop Management System

Create an application that will be user-friendly and effortless to access and use. It also lets users check and buy their favorite books anytime, anywhere with one click. But you have to be very mindful of your graphics as it is the major part of your bookshop management system application.


Contact Management System

You can effortlessly develop a system where you will be able to incorporate and delete contact details. The system will let customers add contacts, with names and email addresses. The end result of this project will be an application similar to a phonebook application. This project will acquaint with you major data handling and data structuring.


Car Rental System

mproving and modifying those apps with the exact principle, and employing top-level codons can be an excellent C++ project that can guide you to learn many new things for sure. You can make use of Format text files in C++ to accumulate Cab and the customer’s GPS coordinate within a certain radius.


Credit Card Validator

Most payment gateways utilize some kind of validation mechanism for credit card data before they proceed with the payment. What if there exists a software to accomplish this validation from the get-go? The validation operates differently for different cards, so deciding what type of card it is and then inspecting if the number entered is a valid credit card number or not is the way to go.


Sudoku Game

Sudoku is available on every phone and laptop, considered one of the favorite games, especially by those who take interest in solving number puzzles. In this game, the idea of backtracking is employed. The only thing in this project is to understand the method of backtracking to look for those rows and columns that are initially blank. 

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